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~ Buddha


About Daily Bouquet Blog
It’s been found that getting a bouquet brings more natural and sincere joy to recipients than other gifts.

In Bloom Daily* is a curation of daily bouquets created by independent florists and home gardeners.

They say that how you start your day has the greatest impact on it, and I believe we should all begin with beauty! I hope the daily posts inspire you. If you see some lovely bouquets from your area florists or farmer’s markets that speak to you, please consider supporting them- you’ll both benefit!

Please join me: subscribe to In Bloom Daily* and receive an e-bouquet every morning. Just enter your email in the “Subscribe” field at the top of the page. If you enjoy one of my artworks, know that I am donating all proceeds from my 12×12″ pieces to Kiva, which helps empower recipients of their micro loans.

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You can learn more about the floral industry in Amy Stewart’s fascinating book Flower ConfidentialA great resource for finding sustainable local flowers is Debra Prinzing’s Slow Flowers websiteIf you want more floral joy, please visit Bouquet of the Day, who have been posting daily garden bouquets since 2006: lovely*

About Oana

I’ve loved flowers since I can remember. I capture them in my art and live with them daily. While my background is in architecture, the longer I worked with buildings, the more respect I gained for nature and specifically, flowers. Having lived in San Francisco, I got to enjoy the abundant farmer’s markets weekly. So much so, that at one point I wanted to work weekends at a flower shop in addition to holding a full time job. (It was Oak Hill Farm – who offered their lovely, sustainable flowers at their Ferry Building location – that first inspired and sparked my awareness/desire of wanting to work with flowers. Thank you!) I’m doing the next best thing- creating art inspired by the beautiful bouquets of talented, independent florists.

I’ve envisioned this blog for many years now, and am happy to provide a daily e-bouquet, courtesy of the florists, home gardeners and photographers who created them.

In addition to showing a bouquet each day, I also use the posts as inspiration for my art. I currently live and work in Spokane, WA.

I’m so glad you have joined me here. Enjoy and thank you for your support! O*

061015_Nicolette Camille Inspired Bouquet Portrait_www.inbloomdaily.com

L & R: Beautiful bouquet by Nicolette Camille | Oana’s Interpretation